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Why Italian Charms Links and Bracelets?

Italian charms are different from anything else the jewelry world has seen. They are small rectangular links, each carrying unique designs, which snap together to form a bracelet. Each charms is chosen individually and paired up with other Italian charms to form a complete look that is sure to be one of a kind.

Italian charms were first manufactured in the late 1980’s and originated in Italy. They quickly became a jewelry sensation, spreading first to California and then finally to the rest of the United States. Since then charms have continued to grow in popularity and availability.

Because Italian charms starter bracelets generally come with around 18-20 blank links, you can build your bracelet over time. For example, adding an charm that represents all the places you have traveled to. This bracelet may take years to complete, but is sure to bring back great memories every time it is worn. Other Italian charms bracelets can be completed much quicker. A bracelet with a charm representing all your loved ones is a great way to keep your friends and family close to your heart.

The designs on Italian charms can essentially be of anything. Popular designs include national flags, university logos, names and initials, and Disney characters. Also popular arecharms with themes such as travel, religion, family, and birthstones. And if you can’t find the perfect Italian charms, you can make your own with custom laser Italian charms or custom photo charms . In fact, the possibilities are endless.

One of the best features of charms is how personal they are. Since you are designing your own bracelet,charms are the perfect way to show off your individuality. One option would be usingcharms with your name, or maybe a special date like that of your wedding. Or perhaps you would prefer a less personal bracelet, simply showing off your favorite sports team or the university you attended.

And because of the personal nature of Italian charm bracelets, Italian charms make the perfect gift. You can design an entire bracelet for somebody special, focusing on anything from family to hobbies. You can also get somebody started with an Italian charm starter bracelet and a fewcharms to begin the look of their new bracelet. And for the person who is already an Italian charm fan, you can choose new and specialcharms for them to add to their bracelet.

Spring seasonal Italian charm bracelets are also quite popular. Due to the ease with which you can switch yourcharms on your bracelet, it is easy to change your look with the seasons.

Italiancharms are one of the most enduring and popular fashion trends in jewelry. Their customizable nature means the never go out of style, and can easily be personalized to adapt to new styles. And due to the enormous variety of Italiancharms and their affordability, Italian charm bracelets are not specific to one demographic or age group. So whether you are shopping for a new look or for the perfect gift, Italian charms and bracelets are a great option.

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"I ordered this bracelet starter set and charm for my flower girl. It is adorable and arrived in perfect condition. It looks very similar to my own Italian charm bracelet, any girl would be happy to have one!"
-- Rose M --
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