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Choosing the Cut and Shape of Your Ring

You have lots of choices to make when choosing the perfect ring. Size, color, and gemstone are just a few of the many options you have. And if you decide to go with a gemstone or cubic zirconia ring, the shape of the stone is very important to the style of the ring. As you have probably noticed, shapes can range from square to round and everything in between.

The most popular shape for a ring is round. Round gemstones generally sparkle the most and have many facets. Oval and pear are too variations on a round cut. Oval stones are a classic shape, and tend to give a slender and elongated appearance to fingers. Pear shape is basically a round cut with one side extending to a point. Pear shapes resemble teardrops, and also tend to elongate the fingers.

There are many different cuts that appear generally square in shape. The princess cut is very popular, because although square in shape, it is designed to have the sparkle of a round cut. The emerald cut stone can is rectangular and has cut corners. The facets in an emerald shape stone tend to be flat.

Two other popular cuts are Marquise and Heart shaped. The Marquise is a distinct shape. About twice as long as it is wide, the marquise cut tapers to a point on each end, and typically has over 50 facets. Heart shaped stones are also quite popular, particularly for special occasions like Valentine's Day.

When choosing a ring for any occasion, it's best to try out different styles and shapes. See what works best for you and your hand type. You may find that some shapes work best for everyday, while another shape is better for special occasions. Luckily with so many styles to choose from, you can always have the perfect ring waiting for you.

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