Fashion Trends: Brooches

Brooches - More Than Just a Pin

As we all know, brooches are the perfect finishing touch on any outfit. But most of us think of brooches as those fashionable and sparkling pieces you pin to your scarves, coats, and blouses. And while this is still the perfect way to wear your brooches, in actuality brooches are a true accessory and can be used in a number of different ways.

Headbands will always be in style for most women, and what better way to dress up a solid colored headband than by attaching a simple yet sparkling brooch.

Brooches make great additions when trying to dress up an old purse or bag. Simply pin a brooch on the strap or near the clasp and suddenly your bag has taken on a whole new look.

Summer is fast approaching, which means so is sandal season. Brooches fit perfectly on simple sandal straps for a quick transformation from daytime casual to nighttime classy.

Almost any brooch will work for these alternate uses. So why not give treat your brooches as the real accessory they are? These are just a few great ideas on how to use all those brooches you thought you had to put away for the spring!

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