How To: European Beads

Assembling Your European Beads Bracelet

Getting your first European beads and starter bracelet in the mail is pretty exciting. You take all the beads out of their packages, clear off some space on the kitchen table, and just watch them sit there beautifully. But of course you want to do more than look at them�you want the bracelet. So how, exactly, should you go about putting it together? Here are a few simple steps:

Step 1

Don't just start putting beads onto your bracelet willy-nilly. European beads are easy to take on and off, but you'll save yourself some time if you lay your beads out on a flat surface to see how they look together. You'll be surprised how different combinations look when you see the different shapes and colors sitting next to each other. And they're much easier to rearrange before you put them on the bracelet. So test out your combinations before you start stringing your beads.

Step 2

Slide the beads over the threaded end of the bracelet. Some beads just slip over the threads without needing to be screwed on (like Pugster's Murano glass beads). Others (like Pugster's silver beads) need to be screwed on. It works just like putting a nut on a bolt - twist to the right to put the beads onto the bracelet; twist to the left to take them off.

Step 3

If your design allows for it, try to use screw-on beads as the first and last bead in the bracelet. This will keep the larger beads from sliding over the ends.

Step 4

Repeat steps one through three anytime you want a new piece of jewelry - in fact, you can even rearrange the same beads for a totally different look.

Pugster, Inc., Jewelers  Retail, Pasadena, CA