Italian Charms: Power By Pugster

Pugster takes pride that as a leader in Italian charms and fashion jewelry, our operations remain entirely in-house. We continue to offer Italian charms and fashion jewelry of consistently high quality and low cost as a result of our in-house functions. From website development and maintenance to the software that is used to run both simple and complex tasks, Pugster operates with its own team of programmers, developers and designers.

What Does Pugster offer?

Pugster provides software to meet all your e-commerce business needs. The software supports inventory control, flow management, auction listing and auction features exclusively available through Pugster.

How do you benefit?

By utilizing in-house technology, we can tailor all of our processes to our own specific needs. Because we don't buy outside software, for example, we save on overall business costs and pass that savings to our customers. For this reason we can offer lower prices than our competitors on high quality Italian charms and fashion jewelry.

Another benefit from our in-house style of business in that our graphics team is constantly creating new Italian charm designs. New looks in Italian charms are added on a weekly basis. Pugster's selection has grown to more than 15,000 Italian charms. We offer collections including authentic licensed Italian charms, laser Italian charms, photo Italian charms, hand-painted Italian charms (including Disney Italian charms and other trademarked images) and Pugster's exclusive X2 Italian charms.

Your online business can also benefit by using Pugster's software. Revenues increase as expedited processes lead to higher selling volume. Pugster's software has made us consistently the top seller of Italian charms on eBay, where we were first the reach the unprecedented milestone of 1,000,000 positive feedbacks from our customers. Our software's efficiency has also allowed us to also offer a growing collection of fashion jewelry.


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