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Pugster, Inc. is a high quality fashion jewelry manufacturer, distributor, retailer and wholesaler since 1987. The company provides a wide range of fashion jewelry products worldwide. We take constant attention to manufacturing/development of up-to-date trendy fashion. Don't hesitate to buy from Pugster, if you like the high quality fashion jewelry of the unique design and delicate craftsmanship.The holiday season shopping is beginning. Are you ready to choose gifts? Is it difficult for you to choose a suitable present for different person? Pugster has listed 9 categories according to different needs.

Gift Center

Valentine's(My Heart Goes On)
Oh baby, it's a special day! We should celebrate and appreciate it with joy! In my dreams my heart is flying, with your company and the token of love charming. I've dreamed of this a thousand times before and you know I couldn't love you more! Even if the wind refuses to blow and the sun refuses to show, you'll always have my heart, the end of time until! It's so lovely that you always know how to win my smiley! With surprise and joy that's all I need and I feel so happy, oh happy and complete!

For Monther's(Love Mommy!)
Mothers Jewelry Gift Holiday Gift Mother's Day is a special time for mothers. On this holiday, we pause to celebrate the love and compassion of the women who have raised us, and to thank them for the many years of patience and selflessness. Throughout our lives, mothers are there with an encouraging word, a sympathetic ear, and a tender heart. They set our direction in life, and from time to time they have been known to correct our course. We should give mother a gift to express our love, and thank for the love of our mother.

Photo jewelry

Custom Gifts(Personalizing)
Our specialties are Custom Photo Beads European Beads and Custom Photo Italian Charms of the unique design and delicate craftsmanship. Customize your own text, such as numbers, name, or memory date on a background photo of variety of high-quality images in memory of an important person or date. The pictures of lovers, families, or even pets can still be put on the Photo European beads, to indicate how much they love them.

Friendship Gifts
New Arrival Gift Friendship is the most precious emotions in the world. It is an in-depth relationship combining trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, and intimacy. Never forget that friends relate. Relating is the basis of friendship. Never forget to send a gift to your friends.

Good Luck(God Bless You!)
Holiday Gift Pugster Gift Center Christmas is coming, and a new year will be come. So we should bless our families, friends, and lovers. Pugster has lots of kind of jewelry with the words "good luck". It is your best choice if you want to send some gift to express your blessing of the New Year.

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